We are here to help people go places. 

Do more that matters and live their dreams.


Whether it’s creating expertly crafted, highly functional Italian leather handbags or helping previously incarcerated people get a second chance, our mission is to help people go places. To dream bigger, do more that matters in their lives and make a difference in the world.

Cristina Carabetta photo

 Cristina Carabetta, lawyer, fashion entrepreneur and criminal justice reform advocate, founded BETTA BAG in 2021 as a way to create a solution to the problems she saw around her. Cristina grew up outside of New York City and always loved fashion, getting her undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising. 

Inspired by her immigrant grandparents, Cristina ingrained her Italian roots into the foundation of BETTA BAG. Committed to the legacy of her grandparents, Cristina celebrates the immigrant experience by working closely with Italian manufactures.
Cristina is proud to say BETTA BAG is made in Italy.  

One of the defining experiences in her life has been growing up with an uncle serving years in prison for mistakes made in his youth. After serving over a decade in prison, learning from support services, getting sewing training and committing to change his life, he re-entered society a changed man. Cristina saw him struggle to find employment to support himself as doors that could have been open were shut as soon as they saw his application. Never getting to know the man he is, solely defining him as the man he once was.  Getting back on his feet would never be easy but at least he could be given a second chance. It’s this simple belief that inspires Cristina’s passion for law and her drive to create a company that could be a true reflection of her life’s experiences and work. Her purpose.

 Founded with social benefit built into its DNA, BETTA BAG is committed to inspiring positive criminal justice reform as a path to improve lives and end the parole-to-prison pipeline through its giving initiatives. We are proud of our partnerships with Reentry Programs as these are essential parts of the foundation of what we stand for.  





This is Nino on the day of his release being able to see and hug his mother, lovingly known as Nonna, for the first time in years. 

Nino was fortunate. While incarcerated he learned valuable sewing, pattern making and design skills working with a wide range of materials. Through this, he was able to master his craft and every birthday, Christmas and especially Mothers’ Day, meant that beautiful handmade handbags were created as gifts for his family. Nino went on to be a teacher in his program while in prison and shared his craft with other incarcerated individuals looking for an opportunity to grow. 

However, once released, because of his background, no employer that works with craftsmen was willing to hire him. It’s seeing this struggle that inspired Cristina to partner with her uncle and create the opportunity he needed.  Together they joined forces to design the BETTA BAG and create a new beginning for thousands of 
people like him who just need a second chance.   


You Make A Difference

We know that our mistakes aren’t all that we are. Previously incarcerated people are in fact returning citizens.  They are fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, eager to make up for lost time.

 Through partnerships with Reentry Programs, together we can help create more inclusive work practices, help put an end to the parole-to-prison pipeline and create a much needed second chance in life.  Now that’s what we call beautiful.





We source our leather from the most ethical tanneries in Italy, ensuring that they meet the Leather Working Group (LWG) Environmental Auditing Protocol. Our leathers are produced with the purpose to minimize their impact on the environment during the production phase as well as in the recycling and disposal phases.  We ensure lower consumption of water during the production process, the sound use of resources in production and disposal phases and ease of recycling, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Our commitment with BETTA BAG is to always seek to improve our processes,  to be open about what we do (and don’t do) and work to make the business more sustainable and more ethical for all. 




Each BETTA BAG embodies the spirit of the modern woman. Clean, elegant lines while fitting the many roles women play in their lives every day.

Artisans give their hands and hearts to crafting each BETTA BAG, using the most beautiful and sustainable materials. 100% made in Italy using all Italian fabric and hardware.


Whether you’re working from home, the office, or remote, this bag is an essential that will keep you chic and professional.  We value versatile design, Italian craftsmanship, and sustainable production.  We believe that the highest quality handbags should be accessibly priced.  These thoughtfully designed bags offer easy organization, dependability, and distinctive style, to keep you moving effortlessly from work to weekend and everything in between.